Wednesday, July 17, 2013

God Chasers!

A shortage of time will save you from an extended post this morning, but OH MY, my heart overflows from considering the beauty and necessity of relationship with God.  We humans are a prideful, self-serving race...and empty vessels that bring the Lord no pleasure when we wander off on our own!  And we do wander.  We substitute any number of things for real relationship with God:  learning, self-chosen sacrifices, works.  What a loss to ourselves...and what damage we do!

The right things done for the wrong reason are sin.  In fact, God said the altars were sin for Israel.  What we love and trust in...what we pursue for our own selfish reasons...are sin for us.  It is a key to why judging another must be left to God; my sins are not necessarily yours and yours are not necessarily mine.  Only God sees what is in the heart; we see the surface, the outward actions and presentation.  (Sometimes those outward things are clearly out of line from God's desires; that is not the 'no judging' God is speaking of...  He is warning us not to make judgments of motive.)

But that is not where I was going with this...seeking Him is what I left devotion time with.  We are to live sowing seeds in righteousness.  We are to let Him prepare us (plow up the unused ground) and respond to the opportunities He presents.  We are not to trust in what we are 'good' at but rejoice when we enter into situations far beyond our ability.  It is then that we chase after Him...and He pours out His righteousness so the seeds we sow take root!   

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