Thursday, July 18, 2013

Desires Received!

Receiving God's dreams as the desires of our heart continues on yesterday's theme.  Tucked away in Psalm 37 is a verse we often enjoy but still fall short of enjoying its loveliness:

And delight yourself in Jehovah, that He may give you your heart's desire.
When He is our delight, He places things on (and in) our heart.  As we walk on in life, trusting (resting in Him), He brings those same desires to completeness.  Sometimes we miss what He has done but that doesn't stop Him.  Sometimes we perceive the desires as unfulfilled when we are just missing the forest for the trees so to speak.  Israel did this as they waited for the Messiah; some Jewish Christians did it when they objected to welcoming Gentiles into the faith.  It is easy to substitute our plans for His--but it is never effective or blessed.
God is still in the guiding business.  Let Him speak into your heart and empower you to move forward in His timing, His ways and for His purposes! 

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