Monday, July 8, 2013

Feasting on butter and honey!

The son of Jotham, who had grown strong because he followed the ways of God, began leading Israel.  This son, Ahaz, did not follow God.  He was spiritual...but he did not love God nor did he love what God loved.  In fact, he sacrificed his own children. He led thousands to their death and the entire nation into captivity.  The ways of the leaders we follow matter.

Into this picture, the amazing loving call of God comes.  The LORD Himself asks Ahaz to request a sign that would ease his fears--for he knew he was losing.  And Ahaz with 'prideful humility'--which is not humility at all, responds with "I will not ask; I will not tempt God."    It takes my breath away to consider such see God refused so blatantly...and to wonder, do I ever do that?  God forbid.  Yet, God, in His love, gave this prideful leader the privilege of receiving words we all know.  Isaiah's words prophesying the birth of Jesus Christ.  The birth of the One who is Wonderful, Mighty, Counselor, Prince of Peace--the One who reigns in the hearts of those who receive Him.  What joy to take the hand of God!

For your 'snack' of the day, consider this:  God said "Butter and honey shall he eat that he may know to refuse evil and choose good."  Let us eat of the goodness of God, no, let us feast on His goodness so we will know.

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