Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Still feasting

I have so much fun reading the Bible!  Remember yesterday we saw that Jesus would feast on butter and honey?  Well, today the passage went on calling Israel to God--and telling them the lengths God would go to get their attention.  God is serious about our hearts; He doesn't want us lost in the temporary goodness of this world.  The prophesy said the people would suffer much.  But THEN, in their poverty, the little they had left would be enough that they would eat honey and butter. 

It reminded me of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount...humble hearts are the key to entering the Kingdom of God.  When we are full of ourselves--what we can do, what we have gathered--we squeeze out God.  Trials and troubles are the vehicle that bring us to the real source of abundance.  The source that never dries up.  God loves us too much to let us be satisfied with anything but Him.  Now that is something to feast on every day:  the love of God.

Another thing I've been reading led me to the reminders of  I John.  In a loose paraphrase of several verses, I'll share:  'We love because God loved us first...  There is no fear in love...  Love is walking in His ways.'  So, today, let's let Him love us and drive out fear so that we can walk in His ways, loving others!

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