Monday, July 29, 2013

Faith and Joy are great companions.

VBS is in motion in our community church.  I've missed working with children--their honesty is so needed!

'Serve the Lord with celebration; come before Him with shouts of joy' was last night's memory verse. 

As we talked about some times they've served they said things like, "The people were picky and not nice; it was boring or so & so was annoying."  Truth, isn't it?  Yet, the verse remains - serve with celebration and with joy.  Therein is the growth we all have to continually aim for...the heart that is like our abundantly joyful Savior!

Since I feel that all of life is our field of service, sometimes my service overwhelms me with the broken-ness all around.  Any time--every time--I start to lower my eyes to people and the struggles they are in -- or the struggles they reveal in me, I am discouraged.  There is pain and suffering and very unjoyful things.  My heart aches to see people suffer.  Now seeing those things is not bad or wrong; it is necessary.  But I need to see them from the Lord's view and Isaiah gave me wonderful wisdom this morning.  (If you have time, check out Isaiah 53-56!  Incredible stuff.)

I was reminded that His ways are NOT mine.  In fact, Isaiah says God "created the waster to destroy."  Wasters and destruction are around...they are part of the building process.  The beautiful end construction is my hope--the builder of my faith which overcomes the discouragement. The One who creates beauty like this in our world surely has an amazing design in mind.  That is reason to celebrate and sing with joy!!

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