Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Skipping Stones?

Did you ever 'skip stones' on the water?  Practicing the speed and angle that will let a stone avoid falling into the depths is an enticing activity. 

Living that way is heartbreakingly common.  Isaiah depicts 21st century America so vividly:

 The way of peace they knew not.... 

Chasing, searching, longing and refusing to face the emptiness is one way to skip through life.  Another, maybe even more deadly was is offering up shallow service to God. 

The call I heard this morning is one I often hear:  live fully, live deeply.  Know the heart of what you do and do it for the right reasons.  Pour out all that you are for the hurting souls around you--but always trust in the Sabbath--trust that God will do what He has promised.  It's not about me, but I need to do all I can.

It will not be easy.  In fact, Isaiah said even then Truth had fallen in the streets.  Along with that, he says choosing the right way puts one forth as prey for this world.  It makes us vulnerable, and that is okay!  More than okay because it puts us under the protection of the One who will deliver us. 

It's simple really.  We have a choice:  clothe ourselves in cobwebs or armor up with the Savior. 

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