Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Always Too Soon to Quit!

One of my favorite chapters was part of my devotion time this morning:  Isaiah 40.  Mountains lowered, valleys raised--and strength provided.  A heart that trusts in God is able to press on. 

This is the passage that speaks of John the Baptist--a voice crying out in the desert, prepare a way for the Lord.  Life surely feels like a harsh desert sometimes; those are the times we need to make room for the Lord.  God is not absent nor uncaring.  His presence is all around us.  His plans are in place.  He is the all-powerful Creator waiting to act at the perfect time. 

Don't let weariness overtake you, breathe in the fresh power of His Spirit.  The transformation is coming!  Do you need some encouragement today?  Go to this chapter and be reminded WHO God is and remember His plan is to work on our behalf.

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