Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Active Living Faith

The necessity of faith that is active and present tense weighs heavy on my heart.  This world has pressures and the future can break down souls if it is faced without faith.  Faith is the vehicle that puts us in the land of GRACE...in the riches of God.  In that land confidence in WHO God is and how much He loves allows us to rejoice in any circumstance. 

We never grow beyond the need of the Gospel as a living, active, exciting part of our lives.  The Gospel is the demonstration of God's love...this world needs us demonstrating the willingness to sacrifice and suffer in love for another.  The world needs the demonstration of God's love. 

You know what--if we live that, we will be rejected sometimes, we won't always see success from the earthly view.  That's okay, because that is what causes us to exercise the faith that put us in the land of Grace to begin with.  That land is the place of Hope.

I so long to learn to convey how Jesus IS the answer to every need, don't you?  When folks around us are hurting, we want to be able to help them toss their burden onto Jesus.  This GOSPEL of FAITH is the key! 

Here's some verses that encouraged me this morning:

Colossians 1:27  The Life of Christ must be received--not imitated!  He resides IN believers...all that He is is available for us moment by moment. 

Isaiah 27:4 reminded me that He is able and He is not mad at me but He won't allow barriers either:  "...who would set the briars and thorns against me in battle?  I would go through them, I would burn them altogether."  Hallelujah! 

And finally, 1 John 1:7, Christ's blood cleanses me from all sin.  That verb cleanses is a continuous action verb--it cleansed, it cleanses and it will cleanse.  I have screwed up, I do screw up and I will screw up...I need His blood and I must never take it for granted or abuse the privilege.  But I must always rejoice in His perfect love.

Enough of me today.  Be excited.  Be filled with the life of Jesus and take Him out into the world!

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