Thursday, July 25, 2013

We are His promise?!

A bit later than day is not unfolding according to my plans, but that's okay because I need to remember to serve God, not my schedule.  Check out what I enjoyed in devotion time this morning! 

I heard--and want you to hear God saying to you, "I chose you to serve me!"  That is a pretty incredible message but it goes on to say He's got us firmly in His grasp and He plans to use us to show HIM to others and to show idols as worthless.  In fact, He says we are a covenant to 'them' (those who don't know Him).  A covenant.  A promise.  We are a promise. 

I need that reminder that HE called and the calling is to serve HIM.  I am bought at a price for a purpose, and sometimes I prefer my purpose to His.  The truth is I like the idea of serving God but sometimes I don't like folks relying on me.  He is kind, good, perfect and always treats me with respect.  They do not necessarily look like Him :).  (Funny how easy it is to forget that I don't look much like Him when I'm walking in me either but that's another devo!)  Back to the truth: the King of the Universe says my calling is to serve Him--and He gave me as a promise to others.   

Realizing how short I fall of a promise others can depend on makes me rejoice in the mercy I count on when I fail Him.  His love is not based on my performance; shame and guilt never come into the picture with Jesus Christ.  How I love the God who called me...and how blessed it is to answer that call. 

There we are, back full circle.  He is showing who He is by calling me to do what I cannot do--and recognizing it, I then let Him do it (through me!).  I don't know if I conveyed that well enough to get you as excited as it gets me, but I hope so.  God has great plans for each of us.  Let's start a chain reaction by believing that and acting with love toward others!  Have a blessed day!

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