Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The grief of sin transformed!

One of my favorite passages is in Joel...the prophesy speaks of the devastation of a plague that comes as a result of sin.  I have felt those consequences of sin.  They are ugly and consuming.  But in this passage, the amazing, wonderful heart of God blazes out of those fires.  He promises to restore the years of blight.  I have those years, don't you? 

Whenever sin reigns, fires burn and damage the field arounds us...and the lives in those fields.  Good actions--right outward clothing like church attendance, 'talk' of God and empty worship--won't touch repairing the damage. 

But a real cry to the LORD who is love and power restores lives!  One of my devotions today--unrelated passage--says that in the fires of life we must receive ourselves. 

When we really acknowledge that we need God--when we say with every fiber of our being, "Yes, Lord, I'll try it your way," the restoration begins.  Where emptiness and barren land has been laid waste by our own choices, His beauty and love becomes visible.  He'll pour out blessings we can not even imagine when we make sincere steps toward Him! 

Choose to enjoy the abundance that comes from following the plans of God...one step at a time, doing what you know to do with all your heart...because He is good and loving and worthy of trust!

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