Monday, June 24, 2013

Be yourself!

Jehu's sin that opened the door for those evil actions is one we all must guard against.  Scripture says he continued to worship Baal.  False gods sneak into every life.  Often those 'false gods' come from good desires we seek to meet in wrong ways.  Seeking the praise of men, choosing my way over His path, accepting a lack of conflict intead of pursuing peace...the enemy is subtle. He makes our choices look good, wise and productive.  Never forget, the enemy is a liar.

All this reminded me of the beginning: Innocence (not knowing sin) is not purity...that was the issue of the Garden of Eden.  Adam and Eve were innocent, not pure.   Purity is way better! We have more danger and more blessing by knowing...because knowing what is good and evil allows us to choose. Choosing is a weighty responsibility...with eternal consequences. Choosing God over all else is the evidence of loving Him.

On our own, we can't choose Him.  Our human nature is amazing--strong and passionate.  We are each unique individuals and God celebrates that; He wants us to fulfill our design.  Praise His grace and love, though, the Spirit of God is willing to live within the 'barn' of our hearts and make us pure. Integrity in our individuality is the potential we are meant to fulfill.  We most become ourselves when we allow His Spirit to guide our thoughts, will and mind.  When we choose ourselves over God, we destroy ourselves.

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