Sunday, June 23, 2013

What--or who--rules you?

Elisha's prophesy from yesterday's reading (that Jehu would bring great evil) is interrupted by Jehu doing what God wills--executing the wrath of God.  The consequences promised by God to Ahab and Jezebel and the cleansing of Ba'al worshippers is brought about by one who will also bring evil.  To me that's a hard truth...that one who is destined to harm also becomes one that does the will of God.  I'd rather have clear lines--good people; bad people but life is more complex that.  We are all sinful; the only good is when we serve the Righteous King.  Jehu reminds me that right actions can be followed by grievous wrong.  We must beware!

For me, the truth to grasp is seen in the activities taking place at the same time in the land of Judah.  While evil is happening there as well, some focused on the plan of God protect a child of the kingly line.  They guard him and they anoint him King. 

So here's my take-away for the day:  our souls need a king.  We get to choose.  Our Spirits are to be the 'Bethlehem' of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We must guard and protect His life within us.  One of my devos said 'either sin reigns in me or Christ reigns in me.'  The life of Christ will kill the sin; or sin will kill the life of Christ.  Protect and nurture the life of the Spirit; feed on the word--follow Paul's example of keeping the body in line, take thoughts captive.  May Christ rule in us today!

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