Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Making hell laugh

"The worst evil brought on the world has come from an unholy is hell's laughter."  Doesn't that just chill your heart?  Those words are from Spurgeon. 

The high and holy calling we have as children of God is no small thing.  We are to treasure the love that suffered and died for us; treasure it so much we tell others that they can treasure it too.

My time with the Lord seemed to center on the call to a newness of life this morning.  We are not to live in the old ways...the deadness of self.  Pride, laziness, self-indulgence, earthly security from money and good works--those are a waste (emptiness and lies!).  The Holy Spirit brings power, purpose and a divine path but it isn't walked on with human strength.  Let's throw ourselves on Him and see what He will do! 

My reading finished off Joel this morning:  there are multitudes in the valley of decision.  Let's live so they decide for Jesus and enjoy His riches!

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