Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mind-boggling patience, persistence and purpose

Sometimes when I slow my life and racing mind enough to really read the Bible--and/or watch God at work in my life and others, my mind is confounded by the complexity of what God is bringing about and how He does it.  We sing that He is an awesome God but it is just totally humbling to really try to grapple with His awesomeness.  Only prostrate worship--flat on the face adoration--results when we really look at God and His ways. 

The vicious cycle of murders and retributions of scripture are woven by God into a plan of loving redemption we can only glimpse.  All throughout the heartache and rebellion, God is patiently and persistently guiding mankind to His great, love-filled purposes.  He never seems frustrated with our foolish rebellion.  Check out these chopped up verses from 2 Chronicles 24:18,19:

"And they left the house of the LORD God...and served groves and idols..Yet He sent prophets to them to bring them again unto the LORD...but they would not hear."

I watched today as Jehoash (in Judah) gave up everything he and his fathers had amassed--and dedicated to God--to appease the enemy.  Isn't that a picture?  We try to hold on so tight to the things we want--and lose it anyway.  If only we would hold tight to God, He'd give us more than we can even dream.   He calls, He offers and we often refuse to hear.

He wants to give us more!  I want to learn to press forward like God--with patience and perseverance toward His purposes!  In a parallel passage  I glimpsed the life I want to emulate:  Elisha's.  On his deathbed, he chastised the King of Israel for not pressing forward to gain what God desired to give.  After he died, his bones restored life to a dead man.  I want what remains from my life to bring life too!  I want to press forward for God's plans, don't you?

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