Friday, June 28, 2013

Looking for rest...

That the Lord surrounds us -- and that that is our peace -- began impressing itself on me in the middle of the night.  His protective shepherding is an overwhelming truth I long for others to rest within.

As I read in the Old Testament this morning, my heart was comforted that God superintends over faithful Kings and unfaithful Kings.  His sheperding doesn't depend on me.  He calls, carries and loves me because of who He is. I am blessed by listening and following but He is the keeper of my soul.  He's got a solid hold on me...I only need to rest on that. 


"My" anything is not the point--my praying, my serving, my joy, my church, my faith.  Or at least it is not the point that I want to strive toward--because if it is, I'll have none of those things.  HIS plans, purposes, power and love are to be my guiding light and inner fuel. 

When I make life all about Him, I am content and at peace--and rightly so, because He makes all about me coming to Him.  Praying for each of you today -- that the incredible joy of Jesus will be yours.

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