Sunday, June 2, 2013

Straighten up & Fly Right!

King Rehoboam didn't have the book of Romans (because it wasn't God's plan of course :).  But I thought it was neat my 'unrelated' Bible readings fit so neatly together again this morning.  King R took the poor advice of his young friends and responded harshly to the people...they rebelled and the Kingdom was split into two. 

In Romans we are reminded that the kindness of God leads to repentance.  I especially need that reminder when folks disappoint or hurt or irritate me.  The temptation is to tell them their error but usually that's not what God would have me to do.  (I've read that if you want to set someone straight, it probably isn't a prompting from God.  Speaking the truth in love usually has some reluctance involved...but that's another line of thought.)

The verse in Romans reminds me that it wasn't God laying down the Law that brought me to Him.  His patient love is what I ran to--and still run to.  Loving in the face of hurt brings the transforming power of God into lives.

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