Monday, June 3, 2013

Love that delivers...

Reading the parallel stories of the divided Kingdom.  Rehoboam (Judah) and Jeroboam (Israel).  God was speaking in both...both heard, both sinned, one repented, one did not.  One recognized the 'rightness' of God; one preferred their own path to honor.  Those two paths remain.

Two thoughts pierced my heart as I read.  The first began as a thought from my devo:  "I was so lost that only the the death of the King's beloved son could save me."  What audacity to forget the love that sacrificed to save me.   What powerful motivation to live well when it is remembered! 

The second came from the 'man of God' who obeyed the instruction from God to prophesy to the profaned altar in Israel, who refused Jeroboam's praise and invitation to stay BUT was deceived by an 'old prophet.'  Danger is always present and sometimes from seemingly innocent places. 

The fact that the preacher's sermon was on exactly the same topic last evening tells me God is speaking clearly on this.  May we all be wise as serpents and gentles as doves seeking only to please Jesus! 

Humble submission--that includes repentance for failures--is my deep conviction today. 

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