Saturday, June 15, 2013

Keeping the devil OUT of the details!

Oh, I wandered in some really deep, neat things this morning...let's see if I can offer you a snack to enjoy today!  Jehosophat is still my Bible spot...God blessed him and there was joy in Jerusalem.  That's our lot you know...JOY as we live with God in His rightful place.  But our friend, Jehosophat reveals what we often do.  He made an alliance with Israel (AGAIN!) to build some ships in Eziongeber...which means the backbone of man.  When we do stuff in the strength of man, it fails. 

All this drew me back to the Creation story.  God created by separating...making distinctions, bringing order & revealing that which would bear fruit.  The He placed humanity, made of the 'stuff' but with His image and His breath, in the role of stewardship. 

So how does all that fit with Jehosophat?  Well, I see our  job assignment as serving and protecting His creation...bringing unity to the diversity IN submission to the One who is Love.  Chaos becomes beautiful order with God's creative touch.  Without God, lives are just a mass of potential--totally unable to produce. 

The old saying 'the devil is in the details' kept flitting through my mind so I went to see its origin.  TRUTH is...that saying actually began as "The good God is in the details."  That is the truth.  All of life matters to God.  We must not allow the devil any place in our lives.  From our possessions to our relationships to our work, all of the diversity is to be united in Christ.  Big thoughts, poorly distinguished in this note...but may seeds from this be used by the Spirit to bless you!

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