Friday, June 14, 2013

Wind-whipped, pruned and strengthened!

Still walking with Jehosophat in Bible time...This time a battle came his way and he wisely cried out to the Lord for help--and for the enemies to know that God alone is God!  The answer was 'the battle belonged to God and Jehosophat just needed to show up.'  God would/did take care of the rest.  The reading included that beautiful still and know that I am God.   And it made me think how that is the call to every heart.  When we are still and know that He is God, we become evidence for others that God is indeed God!

Last night we had a big storm and I stood and watched the giant trees in the yard.  Whipped by the wind and pruned of some dead wood, yet unmoved in their position, the trees are an example of a life rooted in God.  "Abiding" in Him means I am rooted in the breadth and depth of His love.  With my roots there, strength is assured.  My life will branch out as I grow in grace and, like my trees, both practical shelter and beauty to the world around me.  I want that!  The world needs that!  And it pleases God.  Makes me think of that great summary:  "The chief end of man is to enjoy God and glorify Him forever."  That's a pretty good job assignment!

Storms strengthen, battles reveal the Lord.  We don't need to rush about, looking for shelter or finding a new thing to 'do.'  We just need to drink in His love and let it nourish our roots!

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