Sunday, June 16, 2013

Accepting Help

"She worshipped God...saying Help me."  Now how cool a thought is that?!  God--the eternal, perfect Creator of the Word--rejoices in 'helping' us.  He doesn't 'do it' for us; He expects us to work out what He has put in us but He's always there to help us.  And we WORSHIP by seeking His help.

Sometimes I am still a two-year old saying, "Me do it."  I don't like needing help, I want to be independent.  How about you?  Do you need to receive God giving you a chance to worship Him in a way only you can do? 

By the way, this is especially cool for we wives--when Eve was created, God called her a 'help meet.'  A 'meet' is one who gives a different view, an opposing force in a sense...too much help cripples, too little leaves one stuck.  God is the perfect help. 

Faith is not easy believism or legalism.  It is balance...and God is our perfect balancing help to get through life.  Let Him help. 

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