Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Intended design

I have been so blessed by God bringing a variety of lessons to a beautiful focal point:  His intended design.  The application and understanding of made in 'His image' is a treasure chest!  The triune God, diverse yet unified, is perfect...not stuffy perfection but wholeness, love, grace and mercy.  That is our design!  How cool is that?! 

And when your mind tires of how beautiful that image is for one person, consider what that beauty might be like in your your your friendships, your community, your nation! 

But the really exciting piece of this is that not only is that our design, it is done in Christ.  Thank you, Barb G, for sharing that amazing sermon that presented this nugget:  "What is commanded in the Old Testament (under the old covenant) is a promise in the New."  Think on that today...instead of reading 'thou shall NOT do' as an order, read it as a promise from the Spirit that dwells within in.'  Here's that sermon from Barb; there are notes that can be downloaded free.  It is GOOD stuff!

Select #3 "The New Covenant".

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