Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Battles belong to God--so do victories.

God's love that continually longs for us to see Him as God awes me.  Ahab...wicked King Ahab...won a battle against Syria so he would knowthat God is God.  And then God said, they're coming again...you'll win because I want you to know me.  Israel (Ahab's side) is described as two flocks of baby goats--and Syria covered the land...but Israel won.  Then Ahab made an agreement with Syria--kind of a 'Can't we all just get along--let's be friends approach.' 

Ever hear that?  The Bible says it IS good when brothers get along...but there is no fellowship between dark and light.  Calling evil good (or good evil) is a lie.  There is no peace without Truth, knowing God is the only Truth.  Pretending brotherhood is a lie that condemns lives to death. 

So what do I see for us today?  In every circumstance, seek to see God, to know what He is doing and help others see and know too. 


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