Thursday, June 13, 2013

Safe travels

Well my oldest child heading off on a mission trip surely colored my devotion time today.  What a joy to know who holds the future.  This year of high school graduation and now a mission trip makes me ever so thankful for a God who longs to gather humanity under his wings.  So thankful Rusty 'goes in His name' because that is the only 'safe' route in the world.  And that God isn't demanding perfection...but perseverance in pursuing Him.

In my Bible reading, Jehosophat finds the protective care of God in the midst of a battle he should never have been in...  And when he returned home, he was chastised for joining with the ungodly.  God does have boundaries we are to live within...that isn't judging, that is obedience.  But His mercy is sure too--when we err, He does not walk away from us.  He delivers us and calls us back to walking with Him.  And that's just what Jehosophat did--and what he charged his leaders to do.  Judge rightly, remembering God is with you!

And just because I'm a's my son with the mission team--ready to 'go in God's name.'

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