Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Enjoy life--it's what Christ would have us to do.

I've noticed the last couple days that the powerful prophets we admire and learn from were in Israel--the nation farthest from God.  I see God's heart for the lost in that and an encouragement in those times we feel buried in a dark place.  God is longing to work there.  Elijah and Elisha served (and worked miracles) in Israel; Jehosophat was in Judah, walking with God but dabbling with ungodly alliances.  At Jehosophat's death, his son killed his siblings and married the daughter of Ahab.  He rejected the things of God for the worldy lures and the evil they brought.

I take from all this a warning and an encouragement.  What we dabble in may drown our children.  We are responsible for how we live.  Perfection is not demanded but half-hearted faithfulness isn't enough.  The encouragement is we can rejoice in God's forgiveness as well as His generosity.  The call to the lost is constant...His mercy is continually new.  The dark is a place to shine.

Great quote in my Spurgeon devo this AM:  "Grace is at low ebb in that soul which can even raise the question of how far it may go in worldly conformity."  It is GRACE that changes our lives--and others.  I don't want it at low ebb in my life!  When I see my failures, I want His grace poured over them.  That is how I can live rejoicing in His generosity.  I see me--and then, Hallelujah, I see HIM!

Reminds me of the catechism I shared recently:  the chief end of man is to enjoy God and glorify Him forever.  Or as another stated it:  the truth is that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. 

My soul is quieted today...rejoicing in the goodness of God who calls me to His purposes.  He'll provide, I just need to trust and enjoy Him.  Same for you!  Trust and Enjoy!

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