Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Peace...why don't we have it?

Diligence.  Responsibility.  Not popular words in today's culture...but definitely part of a life of faith.  Our peace with God rests solely on faith in the perfect work of Christ.  The peace of God relies on the way we the Spirit or in the flesh.

That God longs for us to enjoy the peace with God which Christ provides is testified to throughout scripture.  Faith is often found in the strangest places.  The captive servant girl of Naaman had compassion on her captor--and desired that he might be healed by the man of God, Elisha.  So many things that can interfere with the miracles of faith come forward in this story:  pride (Naaman), self-centered focus (King of Israel), greed (Gehazi).  But the story reveals miracle seeds & nurturing too:  compassion, confidence in God, consequences, consistent witnesses, humble listening and obedience.

Let's be determinedly diligent to enjoy the peace with God that Jesus provided!  Peace is not an illusion; it is not for 'super-Christians.'  Peace is a done deal we each need to purpose to on.  Seek His face.  Refuse the distractions...ask for help; accept help.  Perfection is not His demand; perseverance, though, now that's a different story. 

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