Thursday, June 20, 2013

What drives you?

My mind is just whirring with some incredible teaching I've been blessed to enjoy...contemplating the spirit and soul has long been a fascination of mine.  Since I'm swimming in depths far beyond my full ability to digest, I'm almost at a loss for sharing.  But you know I love the opportunity to give a snack, so I'm going to give it a shot.

The Spirit is to control fill our spirit and direct our soul and body.  We tend to let ourselves be driven by our physical senses and our soul senses (emotions, mind and will/desire).  The key to the depths of life in Christ is allowing the Spirit to reign.  Phew.  One verse tell us we possess our souls by our patience--our willingness to suffer long is my favorite translation of that.  I struggle even to allow myself to feel physical discomfort...or for that matter even deny myself pleasures (like jelly doughnuts!).  What a thought to be Spirit-controlled--to allow my life to be run not by my wants, my desires, my 'self' but by God's Spirit.  One of my devotions says they only thing we have that we can give up for God is our right to our self.  Hmmm.

Hope you enjoy chewing on that with me today!  Blessings, friends. 

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