Monday, June 13, 2011

Deuteronomy: Chapter 9

"The only kind of people God is saving are bad people."  J. Vernon McGee

I loved that quote in the commentary on this chapter!  There is a wonderful song that says 'the only good in me is Jesus'--this chapter attests to such truths.  As Moses reviews the history of the nation of Israel, it is good for us to remember that those hearing were not the ones who rebelled.  Nevertheless, it is their history too.  It is our history as well.  There is no sin, no rebellion, no faithlessness that is not possible for each one of us.  Like the Israelites, we are equally capable of promising faithfulness one moment and worshipping an idol the next.  But God.  God knew every sin and proceeded with His plan of deliverance anyway.  How great is our God?

The other truth which strikes--and convicts--me in this chapter is Moses' persevering love for the people.  His sacrificial service, fasting and prayers are examples that need to be followed today.  What if we were to be as prayerfully invested in our own church families?!  May we each share in Moses' reverence for God and his hatred for sin:  so much so that we commit to time on our knees before the King on behalf of 'The Church.'

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