Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Deuteronomy: Chapter 10

This chapter, too, includes words quoted by Christ during the wilderness temptations. It also contains great straight-forward truth and deep applications. Our God is a God of second chances! Even though the faithless rebels irritated Moses so greatly that he threw and broke the first set of tablets, God rewrote it all. He repeats Himself all the time for me for my retention is low and my learning slow.

God also instructed Moses to put the Tablets into an ‘ark.’ Jesus is our Ark who carries the weight of the commandments for us. We can not perfectly ‘do’ all that is commanded, but Jesus has taken that responsibility for us--just as God bore the responsibility of repeating the commandments and making a way!

I am so thankful that although my natural heritage may not put me in the tribe of Levi, my spiritual heritage allows me to be a priest of the most high. What great treasure to count Him as my inheritance. May that tremendous blessing inspire us to remember--and to rebuke Satan--and to do the words Jesus gave: Thou shalt fear the LORD they God; him shalt thou serve.

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