Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Deuteronomy: Chapter 11

This chapter opens with a 'therefore' which builds on the previous chapter's closing verse.  God has given great fruitfulness, therefore, love Him through obedience!  In the New Testament we are exhorted to our 'reasonable service' which is as a living sacrifice.  Seeing and understanding the love of God will propel us to obedience.

The occupancy of the Promised Land is also linked to obedience and faith in God's provision.  Our spiritual inheritance is much the same.  We do not dig trenches to direct the flow of the Spirit.  We simply walk step-by-step claiming new ground through our faith in Christ.  God alone provides the Living Water to sustain us and grants us victories as we march on!  The commentary tells me that the sad truth of verse 25 is that the nation of Israel has never occupied more than a tenth of their inheritance.  My instinct is that a similar truth applies to us as Christians.  Eternity is entered at salvation; our inheritance awaits.  Let us put our feet on new ground that God will be glorified!

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