Thursday, June 9, 2011

Deuteronomy: Chapter 5

What a chapter:  there is much in just verse one for us to chew on!  We are to hear, learn, keep and do God's Word.  Listening and learning precede treasuring God's Word.  Living out His Word is the goal of all the listening, learning and latching on!

The Ten Commandments are worthy of repeat attention and our entire lives can be built upon them.  Yesterday we were reminded that God's primary purpose was that the Israelites (and all) would know that He is the one true God.  That is the foundation of the commandments as well.  We make idols--mini gods--out of many, many things:  creation, our ideas, our work, prestige, power...the list of potential idols is endless.  We are to hold the name of God--His character, His very being--in such high regard, we never besmirch it.  This commandment goes so far beyond foul mouths in my mind. 

The commentary I use made a couple interesting points on the 'Keep the Sabbath' commandment.  First, it is not repeated in the New Testament.  Second, the purpose given for this commandment in Exodus related to God's creation work.  Here it is related to the Israelites deliverance from bondage.  In effect it ties back to honoring His name and flows easily into the next command.  Honoring parents is paying honor to God.  It is He who gives children to parents; He is a welcoming, perfect parent to children whose parents forfeit their role. Embracing life, loving faithfully, respecting personal possessions, valuing honesty and practicing contentment are all beneficial! 

As the chapter closes, we are confronted with the 'terrible' aspect of the Law.   Facing the reality of God will produce a giant "FAIL" if we do it on our own.  The Law is a fearsome thing and the honest truth is that none of us can keep it in our humanity.  We live in the age of grace; God has brought us to light and life through Jesus Christ.  Hallelujah!

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