Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Deuteronomy: Chapter 4

Obedience is the key to living wholly in the inheritance God has given.  It is also a way to reveal the greatness of our God to others.  I found it interesting that in verse 9, the Israelites are encouraged to remember--not the laws but the very things they have seen of God.  Obedience flows from a thankful, rejoicing heart; remembering the ways God has worked in our lives is the master key to living in obedience!  It is also the key to helping our children see God...for when anyone sees God in all His greatness, they can not help but love Him!

My mind glimpsed a new aspect of idolatry as I read today as well.  The placement of these verses immediately follow the encouragement to remember how God has worked.  However, we are not to box God into a particular way of being or make an idol out of our experiences.  God is a consuming fire we are told--He alone is to consume us.  We are not to be consumed with legalism or our ideas about how He should work.  We are to seek God alone...and when we stray, we are to seek God alone!  The answer is always the same:  seek Him!  God's goal has been and remains that we will know that LORD is God and there is no other.  We are so blessed to be called the children of God.

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