Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Deuteronomy: Chapter 3

As we move along through the desert with the nation of Israel, we head toward Bashan and King Og.  Down in verse 11 Moses tells us King Og's bed was 13 feet long and six feet wide...a giant of a man leading the kingdom they are to conquer.  There are giants in our land today, too...and God still says, 'do not be afraid.' We are to trust in His commands and conquer what He allows to come into our lives by faith!

As the chapter closes out, we see the reality of earthly consequences for sins--even 'justifiable' sins.  Moses frustration with the nation of Israel does not excuse him from not heeding God's command to 'speak' to the rock; 'hitting' the rock was disobedience.  Even though God, forgives, He does not remove consequences.  Moses faithfully, humbly concedes and obeys God's command to encourage and strengthen Joshua as he moves into leadership.  We all fail; humbly accepting the consequences is a new opportunity for victory!

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