Monday, June 6, 2011

Deuteronomy: Chapter 2

The opening of the chapter shows that even as the Israelites wandered, God gave direction!  What a comfort to know that He sees my mis-steps and moves me forward--I will not wander forever.

It is important to remember that God has plans and purposes for others as well.  The descendants of Esau had a promise from God--and God always keeps His promises.  Another word of comfort for us today!

Throughout the journey in the vast desert, God provided for every need and the Israelites never lacked anything.  Are you feeling comfort and confidence in our great God?

Finally, we can trust God to direct us to the battles we are prepared for--the battles that have been prepared for us.  When the time was right, God directed Moses (and the Israelites) to begin to take possession of their inheritance and to engage in battle.  When we choose the battles, we will be defeated; when God has directed us, victory is assured.  We must not be dismayed when battles occur--perhaps God has 'hardened a spirit or made a heart obstinate' for our good.  Perhaps the barriers we encounter are simply device to help us conquer and possess the inheritance God has provided! 

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