Sunday, June 5, 2011

Deuteronomy: Chapter 1

Deuteronomy is an expanded review, if you will, of incidents we have explored in previous chapters. I am so thankful for these reviews; I am a slow learner. Did you catch the intriguing note in verse two: eleven days’ journey from Horeb to Kadesh-barnea? A lack of faith turned that eleven-day journey into a 38-year trek through a ‘great and terrible’ desert. Let us not have that happen to us: let us learn from scriptures, grow in faith and take possession of our inheritance NOW!

I was again encouraged to see that God makes allowances for Moses’ weakness. Certainly, God was bearing the burden of the Israelites and it was not Moses’ burden alone. Yet when Moses felt overwhelmed, God directed him to a plan for distributing the weight. God does not expect more than we can give--but the more faith we expend, the greater the blessings. (And perhaps the shorter the journey into the Promised Land?)

This chapter, too, exposes how easily we can make excuses (‘the skin of a reason stuffed with a lie’). The Israelites claimed to fear for their children as they refused to enter into the Promised Land. How many parents today claim to fear the costs for their children if they stand for godly living or refuse to have their child participate in certain activities? All we do should be for God’s glory and we can trust Him to protect our precious ones and us. True repentance…that which is deep enough to get us to change our ways…is always honored by God! Let us march out in faith and seek Him wholeheartedly--truly realizing the error of our sins and being sorry enough to go His way!

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