Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Deuteronomy: Chapter 18

We have looked before at the fact that the Priests were to have their living provided by the offerings of the people of God.  What a solid foundation for the support of those who give their lives for the worship and teaching of our great God!  In the spiritual realm, what a joy to be reminded that our real sustenance is from those who worship the Lord.  The New Testament verse of "I have no greater joy than knowing my children walk in truth' speaks of a similar concept; those who nurture the faith life of others rejoice in knowing that Jesus is being seen and worshipped in HIS glory!  As Christians, we are called a priesthood of believers; may we all experience the fulfillment of nurturing others!

This chapter, too, reminds of the ever-present temptations to stray.  Our God is a jealous God who longs to give life and blessing; all other focuses will bring death.  God does not want us to rely on any but HIM because that is for our best.

Finally, the test of prophet is an important reminder.  The nation of Israel was cautioned that a prophet would always be right if that prophet spoke for the Lord.  I have read that over 25% of scripture is prophesy--and none of it has ever proved wrong.  All of the prophecies of Christ's birth have been fulfilled.  Our Bible is a solid testament to this very caution.  In our time, we are warned to beware of false teachers, not false prophets.  Prophesy is complete; teaching goes on.  Every word we hear and read must be tested against scripture.  Jesus is the fulfillment of all that is written; His truth must be our perpetual focus. 

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