Monday, June 27, 2011

Deuteronomy: Chapter 17

The Israelites were commanded to give their best assets as offerings to God. The commentary pointed out that in Malachi God judges the Israelites for ignoring this command.  God has our best interests at heart in every command He gives.  The intent of this instruction is not to increase the wealth of God; He owns it all anyway.  Giving to God is intended to help us honor who He is--to have our hearts refreshed by gazing upon Him and responding with hearts overwhelmed by His greatness and goodness!  We are not blessed and God is not honored when we are miserly toward Him.

Idolatry was a deadly snare then--and now.  God first is the constant command throughout scripture.  Looking the other way when those around us fall into the sin of idolatry appears not to be an option either.  The deadly nature of sin -- and idolatry is the foundation of sin -- must not be underestimated.  It is unloving of us to ignore it, yet obviously we can be misguided in identifying it.  God is clear that one witness is never enough, and those who are willing to accuse must be willing to 'cast the first stone.'  Jesus applied this teaching clearly--and every accuser walked away.  Our hearts are all prone to wander and that which we want to condemn in another is but a reflection of that which exists in us.  Dangerous, deadly stuff.

Finally, we are to be submitted to authority.  All that comes our way--in government, in earthly work settings, in our families--has been filtered by our sovereign God.  Keeping Him first, we can walk humbly in our earthly situations so that God might produce good for us and glory for Himself!  Even Kings are to be submitted to God--to recognize that they serve under Him.  Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, failed to heed much of these commands.  Human wisdom will never supplant submission to God.  May our hearts be humble and trusting in all!

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