Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Deuteronomy: Chapter 19

God understands His creation.  His Word acknowledges the realities of life:  accidents, emotional outbursts, false witnesses, personal property...and His own righteousness.  Cities of refuge were for those who committed murder without an evil heart.  Individual ownership of property is to be respected.  People could not be condemned on the witness of only one person--sounds like the basis of our 'innocent until proven guilty' standard, doesn't it?  Yet with all the protections, God was not 'soft' on crime.  The Law is tough--an eye for an eye is the standard.  Praise God that He is full of mercy and grace; His righteousness can not be denied and Jesus Christ has paid it all for us.  A God who loves broken, sinful humanity so much that He would die for us is surely worthy of all our worship and trust!  Have a blessed day.

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