Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Numbers: Chapter 26

This chapter made me think of the phrasing 'in the fullness of time.'  A generation before God had said that none of those over 20 would enter the promised land.  There are interesting analyses of these numbers but suffice it say, the Lord's judgment prevailed.  The time to enter the Promised Land was at hand; all of the previous generation (save the trusting explorers, Caleb & Joshua!) had died in the years of wandering.  I found it interesting that the tarrying of the Israelites (residing at Shittim), the idolatry, sin and plague-judgment immediately preceded the census.  I see a great encouragement in that:  God's purposes are not thwarted by our failures...He has accounted for them and prepares us to move forward at the right time.  God's purposes and power are greater than our mistakes.  Rejoice!

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