Thursday, May 26, 2011

Numbers: Chapter 27

This is the chapter we need to point to when Christianity is accused of putting women at a lower value.  Both the Old and the New Testament document a God who is all for women's rights.  He is also all for a differentiation between the sexes but that isn't in this chapter.  Here we have the daughters of Zelophebad asking for the inheritance of their father. no law existed to back them up; they simply asked in faith.  Moses did what we all need to do when we are uncertain:  ask God.  God agreed with the ladies and a new precedent was set.

Another great example is Moses' acceptance of the consequences of his irritation in the Desert of Zin.  When God had said, 'Speak to the rock,' Moses whacked it twice.  God says that is disobedience and the consequence was no admittance to the Promised Land...but He did give Moses a peek.  I love that Moses never complained or wheedled for a step inside.  In fact, his concern was that the nation of Israel have a leader after His death.  God heard His request and gave instructions to that end.  Isn't it awesome to repeatedly see how we have a God who listens and answers!  He is awesome.

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