Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Numbers: Chapter 25

This is an even sadder chapter than the last ones.  Another piece of information I uncovered in digging today was that God had protected the nation of Moab; Israel was not to war with Moab.  Nevertheless, Moab feared Israel and sought to destroy them.  As Christians sometimes we will experience the same--those whom we bear no ill will toward may wish to destroy us.  But like the Israelites, we are to stay focused on our Savior and trust in Him.  Back to Numbers:  recognizing the impossibility of cursing those whom God blesses, Balaam gave Balak deadly advice.  He suggested that Moabites seduce the Israelites and draw them into their culture.  Sadly the Israelites fell to the temptation and failed to keep themselves devoted to God.  The morality of the nation was so degraded that even a leader was willing to blatantly dishonor God.  Doesn't it sound like the Church's struggle with the culture?  We want to walk in both worlds.  We fail to honor God when we do that.

The results of that falling away from God should pull us up short.  The LORD commanded the judges to kill their fellow Israelites who had forsaken Him, a plague broke out and the Midianites were declared enemies.  Sin gives birth to death.  The 'thief comes to destroy and devour' and he must have rejoiced with these sorrowful events.  Let us keep our eyes on the Lord and our hearts devoted to Him so that Satan will have no cause for rejoicing from us.

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