Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Numbers: Chapter 18

This chapter records the settling down of the community after the disruption of the complaining and resulting consequences.  Bearing the responsibility for all the offenses against the sanctuary is quite the intimidating charge!  The reason for bearing that responsibility was equally daunting:  protecting the community from the wrath of God.  The Levites--deeply involved in the recent complaining--were actually a gift to Aaron to assist in this great work.  Reminding everyone of the common goal--and their individual part in reaching that goal--is masterful leadership.

As I read, I was struck too by the fact that serving God also came with great blessings--in fact, complete provision for the servants of God was to come from those who brought offerings to the Tent of Testimony.  The people's offerings to God were intended to also care for the needs of Aaron and the Levites.  They were to have only God as their inheritance.  The Levites and the Priests were to be sustained by the gifts to God.  They were also to return a portion of all they received to God--a reminder that they, too, were to be thankful and not prideful in their serving.   The inter-connectedness, the intricacy and beauty of God's design is beautiful to contemplate.  The disciples' prayer that says 'Thy Kingdom come' is easy to embrace...His plan is perfect!

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