Monday, May 16, 2011

Numbers: Chapter 17

There comes a point when God says enough...and He is more than able to set the record straight.  It seems as we near the end of the chapter that part of God's purpose in 'speaking so clearly' is to protect the lives of the rebels.  Our gracious and loving God never rejoices at the death of the unredeemed.

Aaron was God's choice for the High Priest; He brought life out of dead wood to demonstrate His decision definitively.  Our Great High Priest was brought out of death as well.  Isn't that a neat picture of the resurrection from the Old Testament?!  The budded rod was placed with the stone tablets of Law and the golden cup of manna in the Ark of Testimony.  Righteousness.  Provision.  Life.   Let's purpose to gaze at these amazing testimonies of our great God so we do not fall to whining like the wandering Israelites!

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