Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Numbers: Chapter 19

I am sure I only see glimpses of the depth of this chapter.  With a title for this passage being 'The Water of Cleansing,' the Word of God jumps into mind.  We are cleansed by the blood and washed by the Word.  For the nation of Israel, a red heifer was part of the cleansing.  There has to be significance to the fact that a female cow was required--perhaps somehow this relates to the Virgin Mary.  None of the commentaries I utilize offer any thoughts on that, so I will leave it as simply a thought.

It also struck me that even those involved in the preparation and administration of this cleansing process became unclean.  Serving God is not without human 'contamination' and we need to remain humbly aware of that for ourselves.  Though we serve the Sinless Savior, we are not sinless! 

It also was striking to me to be reminded that anything we touch when unclean will become another source of contamination.  Not only are we damaged by ignoring our propensity for unclean-ness, others will be as well.  Beyond that, we leave in a world of unclean-ness; we are constantly infected by the impurity that is around us.  We must continually immerse ourselves in the Word that our sin--and that which we accumulate from the world--can be washed away.   May His refreshing Word continue to draw us closer to Him!

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