Saturday, April 30, 2011

Numbers: Chapter 1

The Septuagint name for this book is Arithmoi, meaning Arithmetic.  As a homeschool mom up to my eyeballs in Algebra, that was not inviting.  Oh, but are there some neat things to explore!  McGee calls this book a 'handbook for pilgrims.'  May our study of this book help us to avoid aimless wandering...and help us live in the Promised Land every day!

Here is a treasure tidbit to get us started:  All of the names of those who helped with the census have deep meaning.  Someday I would love to explore that.  I only have one example to share from the tribe of Reuben.  You may not recall that Jacob called Reuben 'unstable as water.'  Reuben's descendant chosen to help with the census was Elizur whose name means 'My God is a rock.'  Elizur's father's name, Shedeur, means 'The Almighty is a fire.'  Doesn't it thrill your soul to recognize that God can transfer our legacies from instability to rock-solid?!  Our earthly family inheritances can be purified by the Almighty:  Hallelujah!

Just as the Tabernacle was at the center of the nation of Israel, the Church (global, not local), the Bride of Christ, is central to the Christian pilgrimage.  I love that there is order in the camp--a place for everyone!  By the way, according to experts, the number of folks who came out of Egypt would have number between 2 and 3 million.  There march had to be orderly!  As we read this book, we are two years into their journey and God is preparing them to become warriors.  He fought the battles when they were too weak, but now it is time to grow strong.  Side note from a reading I did earlier this week:  the trees which grow strongest are those which are exposed to the most winds.  We like to be sheltered--and we can be in Christ--but the winds of the world have a purpose.  Let's march on trusting Him!

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