Sunday, May 1, 2011

Numbers: Chapter 2

Our God is a God of order.  I have a picture in one of my books which draws out the appearance of the camp: it is simple and orderly.  The size of the camp must have been impressive!  Nearly 10,000 individuals served at the Tabernacle; the total number of the camp, as we learned yesterday, approached three million people.  The Tabernacle, rectangular in shape, is at the center.  The servants of the Tabernacle, including Aaron and Moses, surrounded the Tabernacle.  Set farther out, as scripture commanded, the tribes lined up three each on the four sides.

Yesterday's chapter indicated that each individual needed to be accounted for in their tribe of lineage.  We all have a desire to understand 'who' we is not just a teen phenomenon.  No true understanding of ourselves can come, though, unless we place Christ at the center of our lives.  When we make that arrangement in our life, we will find our place of service.  We will be protected in battle; we will be protection for others.  Just as God designed order in the universe and order in marriages, He has order planned for our pilgrim march through this world.

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