Friday, April 29, 2011

Leviticus: Chapter 27

Another book of the Bible draws to a close...are you enjoying the journey?  I am.  This is a rather interesting way to conclude this book of law...with a look at voluntary, willing gifts to God.  True heart worship--deeply relational love for God--is the gift He most desires from us.  So after He outlines the rules and regulations, He gives guidelines for such worship!  It reminds me of discipleship in the New Testament; those verses are preceded with 'if'--'if' you will be my disciple...  God gives us choices but He shares His heart if we seek to listen!

At first read, it is easy to get lost in the 'oddness' of valuing humans; this is not a soul value but a work value in the Israelite economy.   God is simply acknowledging the human economy; the eternal Kingdom sees no differences in male and female, slave and free.  We are all equally loved by our Creator.  God even instructed the priests on how to make provision for the poorest to serve Him in this chapter. 

Perhaps God is helping us restrain our natural response to His blessings in a manner that is cognizant of our earthly realities. When we make a vow, we need to be able to keep it; if we are unrestrained in our promises, we may dishonor the Lord by not following through.   

The chapter closes reminding us that somethings already belong to the Lord:  the firstborn, that which was devoted to destruction and the tithe.  God cares what we give and that we follow through.  He is worthy, might we give responsibly with joy!

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