Sunday, April 10, 2011

Leviticus: Chapter 8

First, an apology for a missed day.  We had a delightful opportunity to host a large group of local Christian university students at dinner, and I just ran out of time yesterday!  Hope you all had a blessed Saturday--we were certainly blessed by the young folks who came to dinner.  It's exciting that they are gathering together to keep their faith strong even on a state university campus!  So, back to Leviticus:

This chapter simply felt like a coming together piece:  God commanded, the people obeyed!  Wouldn't it be wonderful if that were the way of every worship service?  In earlier chapters we have examined each of these actions and items; here Moses teaches Aaron and sons by example.  "...As the Lord commanded...' is a repeated phrase in this chapter. 

The application of blood to the ears, hands and feet are good reminders that our hearing, our going and our going must all be 'under the blood.'  We are sinful people, loved by a merciful God who--in His power and cleansing can use us for glorious purposes. 

The commentary had an opening note on this chapter which intrigued me.  It stated that the difference between a priest and a prophet is that the priest goes before God on behalf of man; the prophet comes out from God to speak before man.  Scripture tells us that we are to be a nation of priests.  Might we all seek to go before God on behalf of our fellow sinners and seeks His mercy--first for ourselves and then for others.  Be blessed!

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