Friday, April 8, 2011

Leviticus: Chapter 7

Some interesting things are brought out in these verses!  As I read this closing summary of the sacrifices, it occurred to me that our faith-walk needs to reflect the diversity and balance of each of the sacrifices of the Old Testament system.  Complete consecration, perpetual service, confession, repentance, thankfulness and fellowship...all are reflected in the sacrifices and needed by us.  It struck me, too, that the sacrifices were intended to bless the priests.  Our sacrificial living will bless the nation of Priests to which we belong:  the kingdom of God. Understanding sin as an affront against others AND God is a key to living faithfully.  This passage reminded us again of the prohibitions of fat and blood.  The blood is to keep our hearts aware that the cost of sin is a life.  The fat, the abundance, is the Lord's; we are blessed to bless and we must never hold back on blessing others. 

Two points I totally missed until reading the commentary are exceptionally interesting.  In verse 8, the skin of the burnt offering was for the priest...this is said to remind us of the need to be clothed in Christ's righteousness.  Verses 12 involves unleavened bread--which, of course, represents Christ's sinless perfection, but I missed the leavened bread of verse 13:  that's us!  Thankfulness is the natural result of realizing God's sacrifice on behalf of we imperfect sinners!!  Are you seeing exciting new things as we stroll through Leviticus?  I sure am; thanks for joining me.  Share your insights, leave comments...but most of all, be blessed and rejoice in Him!

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