Thursday, April 7, 2011

Leviticus: Chapter 6

I am so glad God understands I am a slow-learned; He gently repeats and expands throughout scripture.  This chapter is a deeper look at sin and the sacrificial system.  Sinning against others is sinning against God, and saying I am sorry is not enough.  God's word clearly teaches restitution. 

As we revisited the Burnt Offering, it reminded me of the constancy of our walk.  The Burnt Offering represented Christ--He was completely dedicated to His mission.  We are to be living sacrifices with our fire always burning for Christ. 

The holiness of the offerings is striking. It is not uncommon to see defilement by contact in scripture--even seeing creates unclean-ness.  Yet here were are told that what comes in contact with the offerings will be made holy.  Wow!  We were created for relationship with God, and His plan for restoring fellowship is certainly holy ground.  Let's pause in His presence and enjoy His holiness!

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