Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Leviticus: Chapter 5

This is a humbling, daunting chapter.  Lack of awareness, carelessness and ignorance are all eliminated as 'excuses.'  We are born with a sin nature that naturally trespasses against God's laws--and trespasses against the rights of others.  When we fail to speak up for the truth, God holds us accountable.  When we inadvertently come in contact with unclean activities--or see unclean things, we are guilty.  We need to seek to see all in the light of God's glory and confess for cleansing.  We can not live in this world without becoming unclean, but God provided a means for cleansing then and now.  Even the poorest could find offer the turtle doves; even the poorest can be covered by the blood of Christ.  Our 'only' need is to desire to enter into the presence of God, confess our lack and receive His forgiveness.  Even as we look at the intricacies of the Old Testament laws, we can see God's intentional plan of drawing close to each of us.  He is so worthy of praise and worship!

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